Socialism. I know.. big words hurt your brain.

Socialism. You all keep throwing around that big word and you don't know what it really means. You just repeat what conservatives preach you. Nobody wants a socialist America. But we should all be in favor of an America that treats people equally and does not work for the upper class ONLY. I had the chance to speak to a Republican Governor which shall remain nameless for now, but he could not explain to me why EVERYTHING in this country has a socialist root. Especially businesses. So, let's say you get yourself a Pizza at Godfather's Pizza. The money all the customers pay for these goods being sold there is not only being used to get the invested capital back. Parts of it will be used for the benefit for EVERYONE! Even the ones who don't eat at Godfather's Pizza. It's because the money will also be used to pay janitors, people who clean the outside of GP and it's parking Lot, people who trim the bushes, people who maintain the building, etc. All that is socialist!!! It does not only benefit the customers of GP! It benefits the people who live in that area too. The neighborhood prefers a decent looking environment. Nobody wants trash everywhere laying around. A nice looking building with trimmed bushes is also prefered. Why should a neighborhood benefit from such a thing? EVERYONE BENEFITS FROM THE POSITIVE SIDE-EFFECTS AND OUTCOMES when you pay for your Pizza!! And that my friend is very very very veeery SOCIALIST!
By the way we all need to pay some of these oh-so-socialist taxes because we all know private companies could NOT substitute the Military -who pays for that again? Right, we all do. We are all damn socialists! National Security spending? Necessary somehow, isn't it? Oh it's socialist when we all have to pay for it and when we all benefit from it? Yes, okay, I understand. Conservatives are just overdoing it a little bit at the moment..
Socialist taxes for the Department of the interior? Let wildlife fire spread and existinguish everything! I am not paying socialist taxes so that measures can be taken that will stop my property from burning to the ground!!
Socialist taxes for the Department of Education? Are you kidding me? Why should we all pay for the Education for the Disadvantaged & Special Ed? They are not my children! Lock em away- no need to educate them! Department of Veterans Affairs? 53 Billion from the taxpayer so that these men and women in uniform have access to medical services?? Socialist! We don't need it!
They can die for my country but I don't want to pay for anything that will be used to help them in any way!
I hope you realize that this "socialist structure" of the US exists for a reason. Nobody wants A socialist economic system that would be based on production for use. Meaning the direct allocation of economic inputs to meet economic demands and human needs (use value), with accounting based on physical quantities of resources, a common physical magnitude, or a direct measure of labour-time.
But we all want this country to function and maintain itself to a certain degree and in such a way that it should never add to the deficit. Nobody wants this country to be in debt. I'm tired of hearing that libs want socialism and just want to spread the wealth and worsen the debt. That is too easy. The world we live in is a lot more complicated than that.
I understand that it is currently in fashion to bash liberals because of the current state of the nation. However, liberals want a balance budget or better, a super-low unemployment rate and an flourishing economy that leads the world.
Republicans and Democrats simply have very different ways to go about it at the moment, but we can't argue all day long about it. We tried it your way for 8 years and the former POTUS put us in this mess. Now it's our turn to get out of that hole. Support us. Support your country by supporting the people currently in charge with good intentions that simply have the toughest job since the great depression!
Thank you!