Universal healthcare = socialism? You think it's that easy?

Why do Republicans drive on socialist roads, attend socialist schools?
Why do Republicans use socialist police and fire protection services? Why do they depend on the nationalized military to protect the country? Don't the Republicans believe that all these government subsidized services should be privatized?
Wouldn't it be better if corporate CEOs owned the military, completely owned all the interstate highways, public schools, police and fire services? Why do we even need a government anyway? Government is bad says the Republican. Wouldn't anarcho-capitalism be a better system as long as it was moderated by the top 1%?
Looking at other western, democratic, capitalist and non-socialist countries that got it right might be the best thing the US can do.
Look at Scandinavia, Germany or the Netherlands where they have universal health care and people are way more satisfied with it and it's also a lot cheaper than in the US. A person will not become poor because of sudden needed health care.
While in many countries it makes sense to privatize the energy sector the health-care system should remain in the hands of the government, just like interstate highways and the military. If these were privatized too highways and military might not remain the same quality and would be in need of more money quickly. People who'd want to use these services would have to pay a higher price in order to be able to use them.
More freedom to chose you say? Yes, but at what cost? Why should you pay more if the government can provide a fairer, cheaper and more stable solution?

Lou Dobbs had a VERY interesting segment about this on his show a while back. I highly recommend you watch it! (You can skip the first 31 seconds of the video)

It's schizophrenic to fall for the conservative slogan "Obamacare is socialism" when you rely on government provided interstates, police, military and fire services. Furthermore, if you ask real socialists if Obama is a socialist they will ALL say no, he is a capitalist!
Things to make you go hmmm..

It's all well and fair to be a conservative just try to look past the slogan and look at real facts and compare them to the myth that the US would be moving towards socialism:

Myth #1. The US government is involved in class warfare attacking the rich to lift up the poor.

There is a class war going on all right. But it is the rich against the rest of us and the rich are winning. The gap between the rich and everyone else is wider in the US than any of the 30 other countries surveyed. In fact, the top 10% in the US have a higher annual income than any other country. And the poorest 10% in the US are below the average of the other OECD countries. The rich in the U.S. have been rapidly leaving the middle class and poor behind since the 1980s.

Myth #2. The US already has the greatest health care system in the world.

Infant mortality in the US is 4th worst among OECD countries -- better only than Mexico, Turkey and the Slovak Republic.

Myth #3. There is less poverty in the US than anywhere.

Child poverty in the US, at over 20% or one out of every five kids, is double the average of the 30 OECD countries.

Myth #4. The US is generous in its treatment of families with children.

The US ranks in the bottom half of countries in terms of financial benefits for families with children. Over half of the 30 OECD countries pay families with children cash benefits regardless of the income of the family. Some among those countries (e.g. Austria, France and Germany) pay additional benefits if the family is low-income, or one of the parents is unemployed.

Myth #5. The US is very supportive of its workers.

The US gives no paid leave for working mothers having children. Every single one of the other 30 OECD countries has some form of paid leave. The US ranks dead last in this. Over two thirds of the countries give some form of paid paternity leave. The US also gives no paid leave for fathers.

In fact, it is only workers in the US who have no guaranteed days of paid leave at all. Korea is the next lowest to the US and it has a minimum of 8 paid annual days of leave. Most of the other 30 countries require a minimum of 20 days of annual paid leave for their workers.

Myth #6. Poor people have more chance of becoming rich in the US than anywhere else.

Social mobility (how children move up or down the economic ladder in comparison with their parents) in earnings, wages and education tends to be easier in Australia, Canada and Nordic countries like Denmark, Norway, and Finland, than in the US. That means more of the rich stay rich and more of the poor stay poor here in the US.

Myth #7. The US spends generously on public education.

In terms of spending for public education, the US is just about average among the 30 countries of the OECD. Educational achievement of US children, however, is 7th worst in the OECD. On public spending for childcare and early education, the US is in the bottom third.

Myth #8. The US government is redistributing income from the rich to the poor.

There is little redistribution of income by government in the U.S. in part because spending on social benefits like unemployment and family benefits is so low. Of the 30 countries in the OECD, only in Korea is the impact of governmental spending lower.

Myth #9. The US generously gives foreign aid to countries across the world.

The US gives the smallest percentage of aid of any of the developed countries in the OECD. In 2007 the US was tied for last with Greece. In 2008, we were tied for last with Japan.

Despite the opinions of right wing folks, the facts say the US is not on the path towards socialism.


Socialism. I know.. big words hurt your brain.

Socialism. You all keep throwing around that big word and you don't know what it really means. You just repeat what conservatives preach you. Nobody wants a socialist America. But we should all be in favor of an America that treats people equally and does not work for the upper class ONLY. I had the chance to speak to a Republican Governor which shall remain nameless for now, but he could not explain to me why EVERYTHING in this country has a socialist root. Especially businesses. So, let's say you get yourself a Pizza at Godfather's Pizza. The money all the customers pay for these goods being sold there is not only being used to get the invested capital back. Parts of it will be used for the benefit for EVERYONE! Even the ones who don't eat at Godfather's Pizza. It's because the money will also be used to pay janitors, people who clean the outside of GP and it's parking Lot, people who trim the bushes, people who maintain the building, etc. All that is socialist!!! It does not only benefit the customers of GP! It benefits the people who live in that area too. The neighborhood prefers a decent looking environment. Nobody wants trash everywhere laying around. A nice looking building with trimmed bushes is also prefered. Why should a neighborhood benefit from such a thing? EVERYONE BENEFITS FROM THE POSITIVE SIDE-EFFECTS AND OUTCOMES when you pay for your Pizza!! And that my friend is very very very veeery SOCIALIST!
By the way we all need to pay some of these oh-so-socialist taxes because we all know private companies could NOT substitute the Military -who pays for that again? Right, we all do. We are all damn socialists! National Security spending? Necessary somehow, isn't it? Oh it's socialist when we all have to pay for it and when we all benefit from it? Yes, okay, I understand. Conservatives are just overdoing it a little bit at the moment..
Socialist taxes for the Department of the interior? Let wildlife fire spread and existinguish everything! I am not paying socialist taxes so that measures can be taken that will stop my property from burning to the ground!!
Socialist taxes for the Department of Education? Are you kidding me? Why should we all pay for the Education for the Disadvantaged & Special Ed? They are not my children! Lock em away- no need to educate them! Department of Veterans Affairs? 53 Billion from the taxpayer so that these men and women in uniform have access to medical services?? Socialist! We don't need it!
They can die for my country but I don't want to pay for anything that will be used to help them in any way!
I hope you realize that this "socialist structure" of the US exists for a reason. Nobody wants A socialist economic system that would be based on production for use. Meaning the direct allocation of economic inputs to meet economic demands and human needs (use value), with accounting based on physical quantities of resources, a common physical magnitude, or a direct measure of labour-time.
But we all want this country to function and maintain itself to a certain degree and in such a way that it should never add to the deficit. Nobody wants this country to be in debt. I'm tired of hearing that libs want socialism and just want to spread the wealth and worsen the debt. That is too easy. The world we live in is a lot more complicated than that.
I understand that it is currently in fashion to bash liberals because of the current state of the nation. However, liberals want a balance budget or better, a super-low unemployment rate and an flourishing economy that leads the world.
Republicans and Democrats simply have very different ways to go about it at the moment, but we can't argue all day long about it. We tried it your way for 8 years and the former POTUS put us in this mess. Now it's our turn to get out of that hole. Support us. Support your country by supporting the people currently in charge with good intentions that simply have the toughest job since the great depression!
Thank you!


Allen West: Joseph Goebbels Would Be 'Very Proud' Of Democrats'

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) on Thursday invoked a prominent figure from Nazi Germany to answer a question about Americans not being happy with the work Congress is doing or better- is not doing. 
To the people who keep defend him and agree with him I have to say this:
I really don't mean to offend you but you and Allen West are simply not intellectual enough to understand this matter. Hateful rhetoric and vitriol is something the right insists to keep using, not just because of the Southern Strategy. Most of the time because of pure ignorance.
Don't get it twisted, I don't blame you for being a right-wing conservative, you have the right to favor any political party. But you should not simply repeat what you hear on Fox News or what Limbaugh and Beck say on a daily basis. Try to look at American politics from an outsider's perspective. Try to find out what the objective political commentators from outside the US are saying! Reading an international newspaper might be a good start. From Scandinavia, France or Germany. And keep in mind that Germany is a democratic, western, capitalist, non-socialist country with a lot of politicians who are intellectuals. (On the left and the right of the political spectrum). Even though they had huge problems over 65 years ago they are well aware of what hate speech is and would condemn Allen West's remarks. He would not even be successful in Germany with his rhetoric. People in Germany are sick and tired of divisive politicians. Germany and other European countries are worried about the US being so divided becoming more and more divided. They are all well aware of what vitriol in politics can lead to and see the US on a path where it will be easy for someone with a Nazi-mentally to suddenly run the Republican party.
The Brits are not really happy for Fox News being on their TV. That's regarded as propaganda. While one could say that every other media that is not conservative propaganda must be leftist propaganda let me tell you that that is wishful thinking of conservatives. Some middle of the road media is reporting exactly what "liberal propaganda outlets" are reporting. That's something you should think about. 
In "the old world" /Western Europe the fairness doctrine is still intact whereas in the US it is gone already. That is also something you should keep in mind. Try to look at yourself from the outside and please see for yourself that the parallels between the Republican Party and the NSDAP of the 3rd Reich are MUCH more obvious than they are between the Democratic Party and the NSDAP. Again, I am not trying to convert you to become a liberal or to hate on you. I'm rather trying to make you see the bigger picture. I know it is easier to say that I am plain wrong but this is something worthy to think about and/or to start researching. History books might also be a good start to see the parallels I mentioned. 


Rupert Murdoch's indoctrination, Cameron's EU fear and the society YOU live in!

Britain has always had a huge number of EU/Euro-sceptics. Especially newspapers and magazines with a very average readership had always been instilling fear and working with World War II analogies.
If one looks at Britain's future position within the EU from an intellectual standpoint then the outlook isn't pretty at all. They can't have much say any longer when it comes to financial problems of the Eurozone. That will ultimately go against their national interest. They are profiting from a financially stable Europe. At the same time they are hoping their strong British pound will be the answer to the currently weakening Euro. While that might be okay for the short term planning it certainly will be counter-productive after 3-4 years. Britain wont be able to have much political influence any more if they are not interested in contributing positively to the Eurozone.
They may condemn Syria's actions but they wont be able to participate in talks about financial European regulations.

Sooner or later the EU will make policies which are not in Britain's best interest. The Eurozone will probably become very strong again in a couple of years and Britain will have to deal with this fact.

If David Cameron had instead decided to be part of the pact, the large group of British Euro-sceptics would have given Cameron a hard time and Britain might have had a more bumpy road ahead towards greater financial stability, which would riled up the Euro-sceptics against the EU even more. Newspapers would have trashed him and the EU a lot more pointing out they predicted it well before.
Thanks to Rupert Murdoch the anti-European Union raging of his papers.
It's alright to be conservative but the way Murdoch, who is Australian, is infiltrating European AND US-politics and society is scary. Murdoch has the global power Hitler always dreamed of. The damage Foxnews does to the British and American society will have a longlasting effect. If you own the media you own the people. People who have little access to neutral and high quality media or refuse to consume those will be the easiest to manipulate. The internet is not making it easier at all.
The internet is full of shady sources that follow a certain agenda. Everything that is loud, colorful, sensational will spark a person's interest. Following this simple psycho-logic fact many countries will have societies which will turn into uber-sceptical, xenophobic and easy to manipulate tools for the ones in power. Many of these are likely to fall for conspiracy theories or believe that aliens are among us already. Britain is a prime example how Murdoch indirectly influenced a countries society and its policy-making organs. The US is following these footsteps already. Ever since the fairness doctrine had been removed the US is clearly heading to an idiocracy. You can tell that by the extreme positions of the Republican Party and by the way the average Joe is supporting these positions although these politicians are not working in his own best interest. He will keep voting against his own interest, possibly for the rest of his life. Simply because the media-manipulators indoctrinated him that well.

Intellectuals need to make sure that they keep reminding people that they should consume different media too. Intellectuals have the duty to remind people of neutrality and that sometimes it is best to look at things from different perspectives too instead of just repeating what a commentator of a certain channel/magazine said. I know that it is almost impossible to teach people how to change perspectives but if people can change from Christianity to Scientology and back to Bhuddism or whatsoever there is still hope that people eventually try to look at other positions to.
I encourage you to speak out against mass-misinformation and remind people to change perspectives sometimes! Ask people if consuming one media outlet only is the best way to get become a well rounded person that can understand how the world is actually working!


Carrier IQ - how bad is it really?

Please keep in mind that everytime you log onto the internet your Internet Service provider is legally obliged to store your IP address you had at the specific time, the content of web pages visited, and the recipients of e-mail messages. For an unspecified amount of time. The content of your email or pictures and videos are not being saved because it would simply take up too much money to buy servers to store all this data. Your ISP does not have google's money or server farms. However, the social network you just used to update your status saves EVERYTHING! Facebook saves messages, chats, calls, pictures, video, any click and any communication!! Even after you log out of facebook your web surfing is being tracked. Facebook admitted that it personalizes content by putting cookie files on user computers that remain even when users are logged out. Watch the video below to understand how dangerous facebook is. Also keep in mind that the NSA computers constantly search for certain keywords in ANY communication. If you used a keyword in an email, chat, telephone-call, etc. they will have a closer look at your communication. 

So how dangerous is Carrier IQ on your Blackberry, Apple iphone, Nokia or Android compared to that?
According to the video that a security researcher posted, Carrier IQ gathers and logs every physical button pressed, phone number dialed, the full text of text messages, and even search data. The software can capture details about videos watched, apps used and the users' location. Carrier IQ's VP of marketing, Andrew Coward, told AllThingsD this week that "We don't read SMS messages. We see them come in. We see the phone numbers attached to them. But we are not storing, analyzing or otherwise processing the contents of those messages."

Carrier IQ's main purpose is to use this data in order for your smartphone to work the way you as a customer is expecting it. It doesn't store pictures and videos and doesn't send it to anybody because your carrier would have great trouble to transfer all these huge files, it would bring down your carrier's network. Facebook saves all this data already. The NSA is spying on your communication already. Please direct your concern about privacy breaches at them. Google did not install Carrier IQ on your Android or iphone. Sprint or Verizon did. There is a huge article over at engadget about who did it, who has it and what to do now.
However, your Carrier IQ data is your data. As long your cellphone doesn't get stolen nobody can access this data. Only a person with hacking skills could find what Carrier IQ logs. Also, keep in mind that an unlocked phone can give FULL access to anything on your phone. Furthermore, the SD-card in your phone contains all pictures and videos, it can easily be taken out by anybody and the data on it can be viewed with any sd-card reader!

Leave a comment!

I am back and posting again! Woohoo!

I must admit I abandoned this blog. I didn't post anything in over 4 years. Wow. I am back now and I will continue posting now! :-) (Yes, the information found below this post is a bit outdated and no I will not update these 4 year old blog posts but I will probably write about similar things and it will always be brand-new, technically correct and of course super-awesome .) If you have any questions feel free to ask!

I know.. you are thinking what the guy who painted this on a ceiling in the Louvre was thinking:
Some things just go over my head


Free text messaging from your cell to US-numbers and intl. Mobiles

Some of my readers are going to be pretty happy campers now! Some of you get charged way too much for the text-messages they are sending to US cellphones. And some of you do not pay anything for data-air time (may be a data flat fee though). Save your money for outgoing text messages! Google is so kind to offer free text-messaging/SMS to US-numbers. Simply direct your browser that is running on your mobile device to
Enter the number of the person you would like to send a text-message to, and make sure you choose the right carrier from the drop-down menu.
Enter your text, hit send, and be surprised how quickly it is delivered!

hmm, okay, so you want to send free text messages worldwide?? Let's assume you pay for every text-message you send. (-text-messages to cellphones in your own country and other countries)
Go to http://gizmosms.com/ with your phone's browser.
Enter the number, the message and the security code and hit send. Now that was the easy to understand part. However, the recipient has to enable this kind of messaging first! What the service basically does is sending an email instead of a text-message to the recipients phone. Every phone supports this idea. Receiving emails is free for some and expensive for some others.
Everybody can get an email-to-sms address provided by their carrier/network operator.
In my case I had to send a single text-message to 8000. I instantly received a text-message which included my email-to-sms address (017XXXXXXXX@t-mobile-sms.de).
I'm now allowed to receive 100 free email-to-sms messages to my cellphone- each month. (The daily max is 10 messages). So as long as your recipient has enabled this service u can text him for free, either by using gizmosms or your regular email-software. You read it correctly. You don't have to use gizmosms for the same purpose.

Of course that can be the email-application on your phone but also email that u can send with a regular computer.
So what I do is, I establish a WLAN/Wifi connection. I write an email to an 01xXXXXXXXX@t-mobile-sms.de address for example and then I send it.
There you have it. International text-messages at absolutely NO COST!
Alright, imagine you are on the go, outside, close to the desert. No Wifi available.
I could connect to the net via GPRS/UMTS which will cost me 0.09€ a minute. If I send my pre-written email within this one minute then the email-to-sms costs me still almost nothing compared to what I have paid regularily. Some international text-messages are between 1.50€-2.00€. So I really saved a lot.


Two notable programs for your S60 phone

oookay, I admit it!
I got my N95 a week AFTER it came out here in Europe. So I started looking for applications around that time but it seems like I missed a few that came out prior to the date I got my phone. One of them is:
I found it on a blog that was written in January '07 by Alec Saunders.

It's a very well written review that goes into detail. He notes three main things about talkplus:

1# Allows you to attach more than one phone line to your mobile phone.There's no need to have multiple SIMs or accounts.
2# Allows you to save money on your phone bill by making every cellular call into a local call.
3# Host conference calls from the handset

Price per month after Trial: $9.99
So it's a bit different from my favorite VoIP s60 software Truphone which I mentioned in my previous post. Remember the free Truphone software allows you to make free calls and send text messages worldwide. (the text messaging feature is still a Beta though) Pure VoIP, additional costs for certain cellphone numbers, depending on the country may apply. Beats skype and similar by far! So, if you also install talkplus you are pretty independent. Alright, the money you save with truphone will go up in smoke with talkplus. Nevertheless, they both seem to be a great team on your s60 handset, although I must say that I didn't have the time yet to fully test talkplus. It mainly aims at business customers of course.
If you did make any experience with talkplus, feel free to post a comment below!

Here is a truphone screenshot for those of you who asked for it:

truphone screenshot

Something totally different is my other discovery I just made. With this free application you can
enjoy screensavers on any Flash Lite screensaver enabled phone, even if it is not an s60 phone. You can even create your own flash lite screensaver! Although they just started their business, they already have decent screensavers available on their website.
check it out at http://www.kiss60.com
Oh and don't act like you didn't know.. the more a flash screensaver is animated the more it is likely to drain your phone's battery!


Killer-Apps for your N95! A collection of what I installed so far!

my collection of stuff.. oh and please be careful that u dont install too much! java applications use RAM even though they are NOT in use.

Let's start with the theme. I really love this theme by viitrio.com. The design is great and there is a huge clock showing as a screensaver. As if that wasn't enough.. the theme changes from a day theme to night theme depending on the real time! A New Yorkish skyline in the background. Nice but it costs $4.99!
IM+ by Shape Services is a great messenger but I didn't want to spend that much money on an IM solution.. EQO does that job for me. It's free to download and use. Calls & Text from Eqo to Eqo are free of course. That includes calls, text-messages and instant messages to MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber which are free of charge. EQO has a slick design, I love the black and orange!
The only disadvantage is that it is not a native Symbian-Program. It's based on java. Call out is not free. A local call is being made to one of EQO'S Servers that are in your country. So charges apply for this call (14cents in my case). I always have to add these 14 cents to the VOIP calls I am making with EQO.

From Germany (in US-Dollar$):
IMs, Calls & Text from Eqo to Eqo=free!
from Eqo to German landline =1.7Cent/min
from Eqo to German cellphone BRD=16.4Cent/min
SMS from Eqo to German cellphone=11.5Cent
from Eqo to US landline=1.7Cent/min
from Eqo to US cell=1.7Cent/min
SMS from Eqo to US cell=7.5Cent

From the USA ($):
from Eqo to landlines in Germany=2.3Cent/min
from Eqo to German cellphones=22Cent/min
SMS from Eqo to German cellphones=15Cent
from Eqo to US landline=2.3Cent/min
from Eqo to US cell=2.3Cent/min
SMS from Eqo to US cell=10Cent

Make sure you know the difference between GSM and VOIP call when asked..
I really like the new truphone.com version, that's what I use for all of my VOIP calls. It's the
cheapest I have found on the Internet:
Truphone routes your mobile calls via the internet. That means free mobile calls to other Truphone users & very cheap calls to anyone else.
1. Amazing launch offer - all Truphone customers get FREE mobile calls to landlines in 40 countries (includes USA and Germany of course) around the world until Dec 31st.
2. Great for travelling - Truphone works across the globe and wherever you have access to Wi-Fi/WLAN.
The download of this application is for free.
It will install as a SIP telephone service (yes that's VOIP) and will make a call once you chose to connect with it and picked a contact you want to call. You choose Internet-call of course after you pressed the green button on the contact. The folder for SIP or Internet-Telephones is called SYSTEM !
I really like widsets.com -Sign up for free, install the app and arrange widget like stuff however
you want! Also a great design and easy to use. Widsets is fun you can also read my blog on your phone via widsets. See the button on the right side? Click that after you have become a member!
You can create a private chat-room which you can use via widsets -that's basically IMing again or free text-messaging when connected to a wireless lan. You can also use twitter and jaiku on there.
More stuff u can use via widsets: Ebay-search, Wikipedia, flickr, and all kinds of news and magazines.
Check out the the screenshot application in the folder of your n95 that says GET or LOAD.
I did all my screenshots with it. Freeware.
Google Maps with your N95 ! Go to www.google.com/gmm/ with your phone and download the thing. IT's free! I love it ! It supports the build in GPS, I can quickly and easily see where I am and I can do nearby searches and get directions! Very convenient! Satellite view is also available! I definitely recommend this!
Speaking of GPS again, you need a navigation software of course! So far there are only two real good ones you should consider Route 66 and Nokia Maps. I didn't have the nerve for all that cracking and signing.. I just bought the 3 year nokia maps and done! It was already pre-installed anyways. It works great for me, I don't have any special demands, dynamic TMC via radiowaves would be nice to have. So far it took me everywhere without any bigger problems (using it since April 07).
Route 66 might be a bit better, it also has a faster Sat-Fix, but Nokia-Maps already pre-installed and costing not that much to me was more convincing.
I also installed Amazons "Anywhere" and the ebook reader.. just in case I want to order books online or read an ebook while being on the go. Nice to have, easy to use. Both are free.
I do use Lifeblog to upload pics and messages to a blog yes, however I got used to uploading pics to flickr via email. That's quick and simple. (Make sure u get the right address within flickr so that you know where to email your own stuff to)
I also upload videos to youtube every now and then, also by emailing.
I have got a free dictinary installed: http://simonjudge.com/s60freeware.html
Yep, that is English to English!
Alon MP3 Dictaphone is cool! Record voice as long as you want or as long as there is space. You can also record telephone calls. An mp3 player with an equalizer comes with it. Costs money!
Another Instant Messenger I have installed is the MSN mobile Messenger for S60 devices. Free.
Although I have EQO and I am satisfied with it I wanted to be able to exchange files with one of my msn/windows live buddies. Do ya feel special now, buddy??
Yahoo Go! for mobiles is hot! That's how apps need to be programmed! It works flawless, and it's free. I can check my yahoo email and I can get the latest news, the weather forecast for my area and lots more. You can not do instant messaging with it, but I have that in EQO already, so that's alright with me.
Vimio ! That's a killer app, right there! Streaming TV on your Nokia! Connect to wifi, pick a channel and/or stream quality and watch CNN for example! FOR FREE! Go get that! Now !!! ..lol!
It's so easy to use even my grandma could use it! I'm serious! Alright, they need more channels and who really cares about fashion tv !!!
GMAIL for mobiles is nice. If you have a gmail account install that! Free.
F-Secure Antivirus and Firewall in one. Costs A LOT! I'm paranoid and I have seen too many viruses on mobiles with my own eyes. This was one was a must for me without a doubt. Some say you don't need it some say you do, after doing additional research I also say you definitely need this if you have a smartphone. There is other AV software for the n95 available, this is by far the most stable and most power-saving AV with firewall.
what's in my videocenter? the major video news podcasts of course. Like 5 different ones. Some other video-podcasts made it on there too..
I use the barcode scanner that was pre-installed on my device in connection with the Firefox plug-in so that I can easily scan long websites-urls on my computer-screen and have them in my cell within a few seconds, very time saving, comes in handy with the copy and paste function on my n95 as well.
Some of the internet links I have saved in my N95:

mippin.com -the best blog collection ever!!! and yes you can customize it! blogrolls, news, rss,
feeds! yaaayy!!

tinytube.net -search, and then stream or download youtube videos!! how cool is that??
the regular youtube portal for mobiles sucks!

netvibes.com -similar to mippin

picasaweb.google.com/m/ I can view my pictures I uploaded to picasa through this website for mobiles

gewappnet.de is great for all those German readers of my blog.. so many useful links on one page! check it out!

mobile.google.com OR .de for you google needs on your mobile!

http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/ streaming web radio! ignore the error message that says your player is not supported.. wait a minute and your selected radio stream will play anyways!
programs I didn't like although the idea was great were: scanR, gcalsync, .. and another one I can't think of right now..

I do have a few games installed. It's a matter of taste of course but I really like Bejeweled!
I haven't seen any game out there with such a great design. Be cautious, it's addictive!
other games I installed are: Tetris, Luxor 2, NBA LIVE 07


GPS - Games !

I must have been living on the dark side of the moon for a while, because I missed it
that there are games for S60 devices out there that can make use of the built in GPS!
That means real life connects with the virtual game! I thought the Wii was the first thing
to make the lazy bums get up and get active, but with this here you can also get out of the house!
I'm still so overwhelmed that I have adjectives like "revolutionary, ground-breaking" in my head right now.
I'd say this is the beginning of a new era of games!
Millions can be made for smart software developers.
If I could develop software for S60 phones trust me I wouldn't write on this blog.
I'd have better things to do lol. Revolutionary adventure games are possible,
may be in connection with the barcode-scanner application.
Or you can get into higher levels with the help of others only.
Only as a group you could lift a heavy ladder for example
so that u can get "higher & further" in terms of your geographical position.
I could go on for hours...

However, a jump and run game is already out there available:
also check

What do you think about this development? Post a comment below!