Allen West: Joseph Goebbels Would Be 'Very Proud' Of Democrats'

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) on Thursday invoked a prominent figure from Nazi Germany to answer a question about Americans not being happy with the work Congress is doing or better- is not doing. 
To the people who keep defend him and agree with him I have to say this:
I really don't mean to offend you but you and Allen West are simply not intellectual enough to understand this matter. Hateful rhetoric and vitriol is something the right insists to keep using, not just because of the Southern Strategy. Most of the time because of pure ignorance.
Don't get it twisted, I don't blame you for being a right-wing conservative, you have the right to favor any political party. But you should not simply repeat what you hear on Fox News or what Limbaugh and Beck say on a daily basis. Try to look at American politics from an outsider's perspective. Try to find out what the objective political commentators from outside the US are saying! Reading an international newspaper might be a good start. From Scandinavia, France or Germany. And keep in mind that Germany is a democratic, western, capitalist, non-socialist country with a lot of politicians who are intellectuals. (On the left and the right of the political spectrum). Even though they had huge problems over 65 years ago they are well aware of what hate speech is and would condemn Allen West's remarks. He would not even be successful in Germany with his rhetoric. People in Germany are sick and tired of divisive politicians. Germany and other European countries are worried about the US being so divided becoming more and more divided. They are all well aware of what vitriol in politics can lead to and see the US on a path where it will be easy for someone with a Nazi-mentally to suddenly run the Republican party.
The Brits are not really happy for Fox News being on their TV. That's regarded as propaganda. While one could say that every other media that is not conservative propaganda must be leftist propaganda let me tell you that that is wishful thinking of conservatives. Some middle of the road media is reporting exactly what "liberal propaganda outlets" are reporting. That's something you should think about. 
In "the old world" /Western Europe the fairness doctrine is still intact whereas in the US it is gone already. That is also something you should keep in mind. Try to look at yourself from the outside and please see for yourself that the parallels between the Republican Party and the NSDAP of the 3rd Reich are MUCH more obvious than they are between the Democratic Party and the NSDAP. Again, I am not trying to convert you to become a liberal or to hate on you. I'm rather trying to make you see the bigger picture. I know it is easier to say that I am plain wrong but this is something worthy to think about and/or to start researching. History books might also be a good start to see the parallels I mentioned. 

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