Rupert Murdoch's indoctrination, Cameron's EU fear and the society YOU live in!

Britain has always had a huge number of EU/Euro-sceptics. Especially newspapers and magazines with a very average readership had always been instilling fear and working with World War II analogies.
If one looks at Britain's future position within the EU from an intellectual standpoint then the outlook isn't pretty at all. They can't have much say any longer when it comes to financial problems of the Eurozone. That will ultimately go against their national interest. They are profiting from a financially stable Europe. At the same time they are hoping their strong British pound will be the answer to the currently weakening Euro. While that might be okay for the short term planning it certainly will be counter-productive after 3-4 years. Britain wont be able to have much political influence any more if they are not interested in contributing positively to the Eurozone.
They may condemn Syria's actions but they wont be able to participate in talks about financial European regulations.

Sooner or later the EU will make policies which are not in Britain's best interest. The Eurozone will probably become very strong again in a couple of years and Britain will have to deal with this fact.

If David Cameron had instead decided to be part of the pact, the large group of British Euro-sceptics would have given Cameron a hard time and Britain might have had a more bumpy road ahead towards greater financial stability, which would riled up the Euro-sceptics against the EU even more. Newspapers would have trashed him and the EU a lot more pointing out they predicted it well before.
Thanks to Rupert Murdoch the anti-European Union raging of his papers.
It's alright to be conservative but the way Murdoch, who is Australian, is infiltrating European AND US-politics and society is scary. Murdoch has the global power Hitler always dreamed of. The damage Foxnews does to the British and American society will have a longlasting effect. If you own the media you own the people. People who have little access to neutral and high quality media or refuse to consume those will be the easiest to manipulate. The internet is not making it easier at all.
The internet is full of shady sources that follow a certain agenda. Everything that is loud, colorful, sensational will spark a person's interest. Following this simple psycho-logic fact many countries will have societies which will turn into uber-sceptical, xenophobic and easy to manipulate tools for the ones in power. Many of these are likely to fall for conspiracy theories or believe that aliens are among us already. Britain is a prime example how Murdoch indirectly influenced a countries society and its policy-making organs. The US is following these footsteps already. Ever since the fairness doctrine had been removed the US is clearly heading to an idiocracy. You can tell that by the extreme positions of the Republican Party and by the way the average Joe is supporting these positions although these politicians are not working in his own best interest. He will keep voting against his own interest, possibly for the rest of his life. Simply because the media-manipulators indoctrinated him that well.

Intellectuals need to make sure that they keep reminding people that they should consume different media too. Intellectuals have the duty to remind people of neutrality and that sometimes it is best to look at things from different perspectives too instead of just repeating what a commentator of a certain channel/magazine said. I know that it is almost impossible to teach people how to change perspectives but if people can change from Christianity to Scientology and back to Bhuddism or whatsoever there is still hope that people eventually try to look at other positions to.
I encourage you to speak out against mass-misinformation and remind people to change perspectives sometimes! Ask people if consuming one media outlet only is the best way to get become a well rounded person that can understand how the world is actually working!

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