Carrier IQ - how bad is it really?

Please keep in mind that everytime you log onto the internet your Internet Service provider is legally obliged to store your IP address you had at the specific time, the content of web pages visited, and the recipients of e-mail messages. For an unspecified amount of time. The content of your email or pictures and videos are not being saved because it would simply take up too much money to buy servers to store all this data. Your ISP does not have google's money or server farms. However, the social network you just used to update your status saves EVERYTHING! Facebook saves messages, chats, calls, pictures, video, any click and any communication!! Even after you log out of facebook your web surfing is being tracked. Facebook admitted that it personalizes content by putting cookie files on user computers that remain even when users are logged out. Watch the video below to understand how dangerous facebook is. Also keep in mind that the NSA computers constantly search for certain keywords in ANY communication. If you used a keyword in an email, chat, telephone-call, etc. they will have a closer look at your communication. 

So how dangerous is Carrier IQ on your Blackberry, Apple iphone, Nokia or Android compared to that?
According to the video that a security researcher posted, Carrier IQ gathers and logs every physical button pressed, phone number dialed, the full text of text messages, and even search data. The software can capture details about videos watched, apps used and the users' location. Carrier IQ's VP of marketing, Andrew Coward, told AllThingsD this week that "We don't read SMS messages. We see them come in. We see the phone numbers attached to them. But we are not storing, analyzing or otherwise processing the contents of those messages."

Carrier IQ's main purpose is to use this data in order for your smartphone to work the way you as a customer is expecting it. It doesn't store pictures and videos and doesn't send it to anybody because your carrier would have great trouble to transfer all these huge files, it would bring down your carrier's network. Facebook saves all this data already. The NSA is spying on your communication already. Please direct your concern about privacy breaches at them. Google did not install Carrier IQ on your Android or iphone. Sprint or Verizon did. There is a huge article over at engadget about who did it, who has it and what to do now.
However, your Carrier IQ data is your data. As long your cellphone doesn't get stolen nobody can access this data. Only a person with hacking skills could find what Carrier IQ logs. Also, keep in mind that an unlocked phone can give FULL access to anything on your phone. Furthermore, the SD-card in your phone contains all pictures and videos, it can easily be taken out by anybody and the data on it can be viewed with any sd-card reader!

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