GPS - Games !

I must have been living on the dark side of the moon for a while, because I missed it
that there are games for S60 devices out there that can make use of the built in GPS!
That means real life connects with the virtual game! I thought the Wii was the first thing
to make the lazy bums get up and get active, but with this here you can also get out of the house!
I'm still so overwhelmed that I have adjectives like "revolutionary, ground-breaking" in my head right now.
I'd say this is the beginning of a new era of games!
Millions can be made for smart software developers.
If I could develop software for S60 phones trust me I wouldn't write on this blog.
I'd have better things to do lol. Revolutionary adventure games are possible,
may be in connection with the barcode-scanner application.
Or you can get into higher levels with the help of others only.
Only as a group you could lift a heavy ladder for example
so that u can get "higher & further" in terms of your geographical position.
I could go on for hours...

However, a jump and run game is already out there available:
also check

What do you think about this development? Post a comment below!

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