Two notable programs for your S60 phone

oookay, I admit it!
I got my N95 a week AFTER it came out here in Europe. So I started looking for applications around that time but it seems like I missed a few that came out prior to the date I got my phone. One of them is:
I found it on a blog that was written in January '07 by Alec Saunders.

It's a very well written review that goes into detail. He notes three main things about talkplus:

1# Allows you to attach more than one phone line to your mobile phone.There's no need to have multiple SIMs or accounts.
2# Allows you to save money on your phone bill by making every cellular call into a local call.
3# Host conference calls from the handset

Price per month after Trial: $9.99
So it's a bit different from my favorite VoIP s60 software Truphone which I mentioned in my previous post. Remember the free Truphone software allows you to make free calls and send text messages worldwide. (the text messaging feature is still a Beta though) Pure VoIP, additional costs for certain cellphone numbers, depending on the country may apply. Beats skype and similar by far! So, if you also install talkplus you are pretty independent. Alright, the money you save with truphone will go up in smoke with talkplus. Nevertheless, they both seem to be a great team on your s60 handset, although I must say that I didn't have the time yet to fully test talkplus. It mainly aims at business customers of course.
If you did make any experience with talkplus, feel free to post a comment below!

Here is a truphone screenshot for those of you who asked for it:

truphone screenshot

Something totally different is my other discovery I just made. With this free application you can
enjoy screensavers on any Flash Lite screensaver enabled phone, even if it is not an s60 phone. You can even create your own flash lite screensaver! Although they just started their business, they already have decent screensavers available on their website.
check it out at http://www.kiss60.com
Oh and don't act like you didn't know.. the more a flash screensaver is animated the more it is likely to drain your phone's battery!

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