Killer-Apps for your N95! A collection of what I installed so far!

my collection of stuff.. oh and please be careful that u dont install too much! java applications use RAM even though they are NOT in use.

Let's start with the theme. I really love this theme by viitrio.com. The design is great and there is a huge clock showing as a screensaver. As if that wasn't enough.. the theme changes from a day theme to night theme depending on the real time! A New Yorkish skyline in the background. Nice but it costs $4.99!
IM+ by Shape Services is a great messenger but I didn't want to spend that much money on an IM solution.. EQO does that job for me. It's free to download and use. Calls & Text from Eqo to Eqo are free of course. That includes calls, text-messages and instant messages to MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber which are free of charge. EQO has a slick design, I love the black and orange!
The only disadvantage is that it is not a native Symbian-Program. It's based on java. Call out is not free. A local call is being made to one of EQO'S Servers that are in your country. So charges apply for this call (14cents in my case). I always have to add these 14 cents to the VOIP calls I am making with EQO.

From Germany (in US-Dollar$):
IMs, Calls & Text from Eqo to Eqo=free!
from Eqo to German landline =1.7Cent/min
from Eqo to German cellphone BRD=16.4Cent/min
SMS from Eqo to German cellphone=11.5Cent
from Eqo to US landline=1.7Cent/min
from Eqo to US cell=1.7Cent/min
SMS from Eqo to US cell=7.5Cent

From the USA ($):
from Eqo to landlines in Germany=2.3Cent/min
from Eqo to German cellphones=22Cent/min
SMS from Eqo to German cellphones=15Cent
from Eqo to US landline=2.3Cent/min
from Eqo to US cell=2.3Cent/min
SMS from Eqo to US cell=10Cent

Make sure you know the difference between GSM and VOIP call when asked..
I really like the new truphone.com version, that's what I use for all of my VOIP calls. It's the
cheapest I have found on the Internet:
Truphone routes your mobile calls via the internet. That means free mobile calls to other Truphone users & very cheap calls to anyone else.
1. Amazing launch offer - all Truphone customers get FREE mobile calls to landlines in 40 countries (includes USA and Germany of course) around the world until Dec 31st.
2. Great for travelling - Truphone works across the globe and wherever you have access to Wi-Fi/WLAN.
The download of this application is for free.
It will install as a SIP telephone service (yes that's VOIP) and will make a call once you chose to connect with it and picked a contact you want to call. You choose Internet-call of course after you pressed the green button on the contact. The folder for SIP or Internet-Telephones is called SYSTEM !
I really like widsets.com -Sign up for free, install the app and arrange widget like stuff however
you want! Also a great design and easy to use. Widsets is fun you can also read my blog on your phone via widsets. See the button on the right side? Click that after you have become a member!
You can create a private chat-room which you can use via widsets -that's basically IMing again or free text-messaging when connected to a wireless lan. You can also use twitter and jaiku on there.
More stuff u can use via widsets: Ebay-search, Wikipedia, flickr, and all kinds of news and magazines.
Check out the the screenshot application in the folder of your n95 that says GET or LOAD.
I did all my screenshots with it. Freeware.
Google Maps with your N95 ! Go to www.google.com/gmm/ with your phone and download the thing. IT's free! I love it ! It supports the build in GPS, I can quickly and easily see where I am and I can do nearby searches and get directions! Very convenient! Satellite view is also available! I definitely recommend this!
Speaking of GPS again, you need a navigation software of course! So far there are only two real good ones you should consider Route 66 and Nokia Maps. I didn't have the nerve for all that cracking and signing.. I just bought the 3 year nokia maps and done! It was already pre-installed anyways. It works great for me, I don't have any special demands, dynamic TMC via radiowaves would be nice to have. So far it took me everywhere without any bigger problems (using it since April 07).
Route 66 might be a bit better, it also has a faster Sat-Fix, but Nokia-Maps already pre-installed and costing not that much to me was more convincing.
I also installed Amazons "Anywhere" and the ebook reader.. just in case I want to order books online or read an ebook while being on the go. Nice to have, easy to use. Both are free.
I do use Lifeblog to upload pics and messages to a blog yes, however I got used to uploading pics to flickr via email. That's quick and simple. (Make sure u get the right address within flickr so that you know where to email your own stuff to)
I also upload videos to youtube every now and then, also by emailing.
I have got a free dictinary installed: http://simonjudge.com/s60freeware.html
Yep, that is English to English!
Alon MP3 Dictaphone is cool! Record voice as long as you want or as long as there is space. You can also record telephone calls. An mp3 player with an equalizer comes with it. Costs money!
Another Instant Messenger I have installed is the MSN mobile Messenger for S60 devices. Free.
Although I have EQO and I am satisfied with it I wanted to be able to exchange files with one of my msn/windows live buddies. Do ya feel special now, buddy??
Yahoo Go! for mobiles is hot! That's how apps need to be programmed! It works flawless, and it's free. I can check my yahoo email and I can get the latest news, the weather forecast for my area and lots more. You can not do instant messaging with it, but I have that in EQO already, so that's alright with me.
Vimio ! That's a killer app, right there! Streaming TV on your Nokia! Connect to wifi, pick a channel and/or stream quality and watch CNN for example! FOR FREE! Go get that! Now !!! ..lol!
It's so easy to use even my grandma could use it! I'm serious! Alright, they need more channels and who really cares about fashion tv !!!
GMAIL for mobiles is nice. If you have a gmail account install that! Free.
F-Secure Antivirus and Firewall in one. Costs A LOT! I'm paranoid and I have seen too many viruses on mobiles with my own eyes. This was one was a must for me without a doubt. Some say you don't need it some say you do, after doing additional research I also say you definitely need this if you have a smartphone. There is other AV software for the n95 available, this is by far the most stable and most power-saving AV with firewall.
what's in my videocenter? the major video news podcasts of course. Like 5 different ones. Some other video-podcasts made it on there too..
I use the barcode scanner that was pre-installed on my device in connection with the Firefox plug-in so that I can easily scan long websites-urls on my computer-screen and have them in my cell within a few seconds, very time saving, comes in handy with the copy and paste function on my n95 as well.
Some of the internet links I have saved in my N95:

mippin.com -the best blog collection ever!!! and yes you can customize it! blogrolls, news, rss,
feeds! yaaayy!!

tinytube.net -search, and then stream or download youtube videos!! how cool is that??
the regular youtube portal for mobiles sucks!

netvibes.com -similar to mippin

picasaweb.google.com/m/ I can view my pictures I uploaded to picasa through this website for mobiles

gewappnet.de is great for all those German readers of my blog.. so many useful links on one page! check it out!

mobile.google.com OR .de for you google needs on your mobile!

http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/ streaming web radio! ignore the error message that says your player is not supported.. wait a minute and your selected radio stream will play anyways!
programs I didn't like although the idea was great were: scanR, gcalsync, .. and another one I can't think of right now..

I do have a few games installed. It's a matter of taste of course but I really like Bejeweled!
I haven't seen any game out there with such a great design. Be cautious, it's addictive!
other games I installed are: Tetris, Luxor 2, NBA LIVE 07

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